There are various articles written on the topic of “How to organize kids room easily” but I would like to write a small but informative article on the topic of “How to clean parents bedroom easily”. It is a challenge to clean up your bedroom every day before the morning shower, and it takes time since we want the room to be perfectly clean. It is mothers responsibility to clean and not only the kids rooms but the parents master bedroom as well. So it is important that you learn proper techniques and tips on this matter. The best way to do it is to have a routine where you clean a little bit but do it every morning, let’s say before your morning shower. You don’t want to find yourself drowning in all your mess, and trying to dig a hole through your cloth to find your favorite pair of jeans. Here are some tips to clean your room easily.


1- Put music of your choice.

Music can warm you up and it will help to work faster.


2- Turn on a  fan or an air conditioner.

It is much easier to work in a cool room, so if you find yourself in a very warm room then turn on your air conditioner or fan to cool it down. Feeling too hot makes most people stop cleaning the room, all they want to do is to get out of that room as soon as possible.

3-Find a trash can where you can throw all of your garbage.

Now start throwing garbage and other waste that you find in your room in that trash can or use a big garbage bag. Simply getting rid of anything that belongs in the trash will already make your room look and feel cleaner.


4-Put away dirty utensils

If you eat on your bed then leaving dirty dishes and utensils can make your room look dirty. Put these dirty dishes and other utensils in the kitchen and wash them or leave them in the kitchen.


5-Cloth separation

Put all of the clothes laying around your master bedroom in two categories: 1 – clothes that are clean, they will need to be hanged and go to the closet, or 2 – dirty clothes go in the laundry basket, those clothes will need to be washed in the laundry room. Put all of your shoes in the shoes rack. Don’t forget to hang your ties, belts and handbag on the hanger.


6-Organize you Books.

On the daily basis, you probably take your books from book rack do not put the books back where they belong after you are done. Take a moment and grab all of your books and put them back on the book shelf.


7-Organize your entertainment systems.

Dvd players, blue ray players and video game are a very common in the master bedroom, we all use them for entertainment. The problem is – after some time you see that the extensions, wires and CDs lying around make a lot of mess in your room.  Take a moment to organize and put everything in its place.


8-Make your bed.

A well-organized room can be looked messy due to an unmade bed. It does not matter how well you organized your room if you leave your bed undone. Your room will look messy in that case. If your bed sheets are dirty then change them and wash the dirty bed sheet or put them in the laundry basket.


9-Clean your furniture.

Keep your furniture clean by using a paper towel or a wet rag. It will produce shine in your furniture and your furniture will look as good as new. For the long life of furniture, you have to clean it on the daily basis.


10- Vacuum the carpet and mop the hardwood floor.

If you are looking for spotless and sparkly room then use the vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet on a regular basis. If you have wood or tile on your floors then sweep or mop accordingly. Once you are done use a spray to make your floors and carpets smelling great.


11-Stay Motivated by listing to your favorite song.

Before you will even know it you will be done , now your room is clean and neat. However to keep it that way you will have to do this every few days, so to stay motivated I recommend you to listen to your favorite songs while you are cleaning your room. It will help the time to pass faster and will greatly motivate you.